Premium Barbershop is the prime spot for your hair grooming needs in New York City.
Our approach is simple and efficient. We are here to provide the best hair cut, shave, or any other grooming service you may desire!
We are open 7 days
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Enjoy a limited time $5 discount by printing the voucher below Premium Barbershop is growing.

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We Open A New Location on 622 3rd avenue (Lobby) (bet. 40st and 41st)

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What we offer

Manhattan barber shop

Best New York barbershop

Best New York barbershopPremium Barbershop always offers professional quality for all of our customers and we are ready to deal with your highest expectations. Are you looking for quality? You found it! Our services are dedicated for your personal success. Here at Premium Barbershop we have award winning staff that have demonstrated talent of master barbers at several notable styling competitions. Let our barber to be your personal stylist and you will never be disappointed. In addition we place your personal style vision above all the other things. Our master barbers always ready to give you professional advices but will also ask you about all the cut to achieve a most desirable result for you. Most of our visitors are our regular clients now. They include celebrities, business executives and many other people who want to look good and make a proper impression. Our professional service and our care about their notion makes them to leave with a smile on their faces and totally satisfied. Many of our clients claims it was a best New York barbershop, they visit.

Most accessible Manhattan barber shop

Most accessible Manhattan barber shopOur modernly equipped Barbershop is located in one step away from the business center of Manhattan – on 299 East 52nd street, between 1st and 2nd Ave. We are open 7 days a week from early morning until evening, making it possible to get a haircut during the hours most convenient for you. We won`t waste even one moment of your time. We do our work, you enjoy your time and your style. While we take care of providing you with the best style you can; watch hot political and economic news of the world on large flat screen TVs, or for sports fans we show the latest UFC and Mixed Marshall Arts Championship programs. Here at Premium Barbershop we respect your time and try our best for our services to be most accessible, most enjoyable and convenient Manhattan barber shop ever.

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