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Every man occasionally asks himself why barber shop shaving is so much better In New York. Why is it so relaxing and comfortable? No one can go to the barber every day to get a shave, so why is it a good idea at any time?

First of all, barber shop shaving In Manhattan is an affordable luxury for most people. It is a complete retreat from the everyday world while you are pampered with hot steaming towels and lather. You lie back in the barber’s chair and let one of our trained professionals carefully and expertly give you a shave along with your haircut.

In addition, however, professional barber shop shaving makes you look your absolute best. A carefully done shave will make your appearance perfect. Whether you a looking for a complete clean shave or you need a trim for your beard, a shave at the Premium Barbershop on Manhattan’s east side will result in your best appearance ever in New York. Your sideburns will be exactly equal on both sides; the line of your beard will fit the line of your jaw. A trained professional barber which work in Manhattan will create a look that is hard for you to do in front of a mirror at home.

How do they do it? It starts with a hot towel that sets up your skin and beard, making them ready for the shave but making you totally comfortable as well. That is followed by warm lather that relaxes you and your beard. Then using our professional equipment, we give you the closest shave you can ever get. It is a shave that will let you look great the whole day long. It doesn’t take too much time, but it is enough for you to relax comfortably during the whole shave. You will walk away felling your best and looking great.

One of the best times to visit the Premium Barbershop is when you have a special occasion. Are you getting married? Let your whole party stop by and get a real barbershop shave for the event. Have a special date? Having an anniversary dinner with your significant other? Drop on by and let us pamper you a bit and create a look that will really make you stand out from the crowd. Our barber shop shaving can make you look special for that special occasion.