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For many men, going to the barber shop is mainly about getting a haircut; however, some men who go to the barber shop want other grooming services. One of the most popular grooming services at the barber shop other than a haircut is a barber shop shave. There are several reasons why barber shop shaving is popular in the eyes of many men, but one of the main reasons is the hot towel treatment.
In the long tradition of the barber shop, several things normally come to mind for most people when they think about the barber shop such as the barber chair, the colorful red, blue, and white barber pole, hair clippers, and the towel wrapped around a man’s face. These are images of the barber shop that have stood the test of time, and these images still hold true for many people today.
Regarding barber shop shaving, the hot towel wrapped around the man’s face is not only an image that has stood the test of time, it is a practice that is still done today in the barber shop. The reason is because the barber shop is based on traditions such as the barber shop shave, and many men even today consider the hot towel treatment the best part of the barber shop shaving process.
Moreover, the hot towel treatment has several purposes concerning the barber shop shave. The hot towel treatment is a way of pampering the man receiving a shave, the hot towel treatment provides a good feeling during the barber shop shaving process, the hot towel revitalizes the skin, and the hot towel contributes in a positive manner to the overall shaving process.
For many men, the hot towel treatment is something that is highly anticipated regarding barber shop shaving.   In addition, a barber shop shave is special. The barber shop shave is a time tested tradition in the barber shop, and it continues to have a special place in the barber shop today. For many men, the best part of the barber shop shave is the hot towel treatment because it provides a feeling that cannot be duplicated during the shaving process.