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The barbershop is well known for providing great haircuts, great customer service, a friendly environment, and numerous other positive attributes that help the barbershop consistently rank as a top place to go for a variety of grooming services. Even though many men go to the barbershop on a regular basis, there are some grooming services that they do not request such as beard trimming or a  shave.

There are several reasons why some men who visit the barbershop do not request beard trimming or shaving services. However, the main reason is because they usually shave at home. This is typical for many men. The reason a lot of men shave at home is because it is convenient, quick, and easy. In the world today, men are usually so busy that shaving is more of a chore than anything else, so they squeeze in a shave before or after a shower.

However, the barbershop is a place where a shave takes on a totally different meaning. At the barbershop, a shave is not a chore. A shave is not rushed. At the barbershop, a shave is an experience to be enjoyed. For over a hundred years, the barbershop has provided shaves for men. The shaves are drastically different than any shave most men have ever experienced. The barber shop shave has been crafted, refined, and enhanced for over a hundred years. Today, the barber shop shave is a tradition.

There is power in the barber shop shave. The barbers who provide the shaves are knowledgeable, skilled, and talented individuals. The barbers understand aspects of shaving that most men never knew existed. For all of these reasons and more, a shave at the barbershop has power. A shave at the barbershop has a way of making a man feel different, look different, smell different, and act different. The shaving experience at the barbershop is based on the shaving techniques honed by master barbers from over a hundred years ago. Times have changed, but the barber shop shave is provided in the same manner as it was over a hundred years ago.

For men who want a traditional shave at the barbershop, Premium Barbershop provides the barber shop shave in the traditional manner made famous at the barbershop.