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How many times have you watched an old western movie when the “good” guy is treated to a shave at the local barber? In a real man’s environment, the steaming towel is wrapped around his face and the process begins. It is a completely relaxing event and the man in the white hat, completely refreshed and looking like a million bucks, strolls out of the barbershop to meet the villains.

The barbershop tradition started a long time ago, but even today, the tradition remains true. A barbershop is the place where a man can get away from it all and come out confident and ready to take on the competition. It is a tradition that every man can take advantage of, especially here in the “wilds” of Manhattan where we have four convenient locations.

Now in today’s world, there is not likely to be a gun-slinging showdown, but you will get that same refreshing feel when you leave our barber shop. You will exit from the barbershop for men, invigorated and looking like you have just stepped off the cover of GQ.

professional haircut, a manly shave and a short respite from the everyday world is what you expect, and get, when you let our professional staff at the Premium Barbershop show you what we can do. We are the true meaning of the barbershop for men.

Let us treat you to our version of the tradition that lives on. Let our professional team give you a haircut and shave that will set you apart from the rest of the world. We can make you look like a “million bucks”, ready to take on the guys in the black hats.

Keep the tradition alive!