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Women seem to try out different hair styles every so often. They will try a new color or a new cut. Some will use a ribbon or a scarf to make it all look different. Some presentations are more formal. Other styles are more playful.

Men are different in that regard. Many men have the same cut that they have had for decades. Some even have the same cut as their father did back in the day. If that describes you, you might let one of our professional staff take a look and suggest something that might fit your appearance better. When it comes to haircuts barber shop professionals can frequently suggest a style that will enhance the way that you look and the appearance that you show to the world.
For example, a short haircut could give you a more precise and groomed look. It could be easier to keep up, with less work every morning as you step from the shower.

At Premium Barbershop, our team is trained to suggest the cut that gives you that look of success and makes you stand out from the crowd. We will work with you to find the style that best presents you.

It is true that when it comes to haircuts barber shop professionals can recommend a style that compliments you. Keep in mind that when you look at your haircut in the mirror, you are seeing your style head on. The barber sees you from all sides, including the back, in a way that you never see yourself. Your barber is trained to create the best image for you.

We have four locations on the east side of mid-town Manhattan to provide you with a superior style and haircut. We invite you to stop on by and see how we might improve the style that you have had for years now. We should be able to line up one of our shorter cuts – a style that will not only enhance your image, but be easy and convenient for you to keep up.