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When you work all day, nothing is more frustrating than trying to fit your schedule around your barber’s limited open hours. Because we know that barber shop hours are important to our customers, to address that issue, we at the Premium Barbershop are open seven days a week, from 8:30 AM in the morning until 7:30 PM in the evening. We have designed our schedule so that it is the most convenient for you when you need a haircut.

Like everything else about our barbershop, our schedule is designed to create an environment that delivers a personal and relaxing experience. No more cutting out of the office to get into the barber before the closing bell. No more trying to squeeze in an hour or two when you can least afford to do so. Our shop is there to give you the flexibility that you need to meet your grooming needs.

With barber shops in three locations in Manhattan’s east side of midtown, the Premium Barbershops are easy to get to and easy for you to find. And with the seven day a week barber shop hours that we keep, and extended hours of operation, we will certainly be able to fit into the busy schedule of any New Yorker. Our hours are built around your needs.
Let us provide a truly satisfying barber shop experience for you with our complete line of services. Not only are they available during our barber shop hours, but our services will make you feel completely refreshed and ready to show off your appearance to the world. We provide the best haircuts that you will find anywhere.

We are always ready for you to drop in. With extended hours during the weekdays, and an open schedule all weekend, we are at your service rather than the other way around, where you need to modify your schedule to fit the needs of the barber shop.

Come on by the Premium Barbershop and get an idea why we are one of the best barber shops in Manhattan. With our extended barber shop hours and weekend schedules we treat our customers with the respect for their time that they deserve and should expect.