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Many Manhattan men want to look right up to date and their haircut is a significant part of that image. If you are not quite sure about the style that is right for you, or if you just want to try something a little different, check in with some barbershop hairstyles and pick up some pointers.

Here are some styles that you might consider:

The Tousle comes in a variety of looks but in general gives you a real outdoor, wind-blown look. Think Robert Redford and let one of our trained professional staff advise you on selecting this style for you.

The Crew is making a comeback. The crew is a short, well-trimmed cut that conjures up an image of Dobie Gillis or the classic Ivy Leaguer of the 1950’s. It is one of the easiest styles to maintain – a shampoo and you are ready to go.

The Slick Back has that wet look. Pat Riley, whether away from the basketball court or leading the team, is known for his slick back look.

The Quiff has been really showcased by Justin Beiber and David Beckham. A contemporary combination of the pompadour and the flattop, your hair is piled up on the front and top and short on the sides and back. It can take a little work, but the result can be just the right look for you.

If these styles are a little too avant-garde, you may be more comfortable with a traditional cut, short on the sides and back. We can make that look like you are the up and coming executive in the office.

The key to selecting one of our barbershop hairstyles is to ask one of our professional staff members. We at the Premium Barbershop are ready to give you our best advice on what looks good on you, and then give you a cut that is the true essence of style. We know the styles that are available ad can show you just how to make your image.

We are in four convenient locations in the eastside of Manhattan, with a trained professional staff and 24/7 operations from morning until the evening. Come on by and let us take a look at your style.