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Why are New York City men looking for haircuts barber shop professionals provide? It is simple.  New York is a unique place and you need to compete in a world where your appearance is an important factor in your success as a businessman.  It is the commercial and financial center of the country and the businessmen who live and work there demand the highest quality personal grooming.

And where can that demanding clientele find the absolute best in haircuts?  The Premium Barbershop is the place.  With three barbershops on the East Side of Midtown Manhattan, the Premium Barbershop is easy to get to and convenient to anyone who is a New Yorker.  And to make the whole process even more convenient, the Premium Barbershop is open early and stays open late.  With hours from 7:30 in the morning to 8:30 in the evening and with a seven day a week schedule, the Premium Barber shop is especially suited to the professional businessman in the city.

Most men have a tight schedule and fitting a haircut or a shave into their busy schedule can be a problem.  To eliminate that problem we make our schedule fit your needs, not the other way around.  Making it easy to schedule haircuts barber shop professionals make their shop the place to visit.

Not only is the scheduling easy, the quality of the services at the Premium Barbershop is also at the highest level of professional grooming.  We provide haircuts and shaves that are truly the best that you can find in Manhattan.  We will create an image for you that will stand out in the very competitive New York City world.

And it is all done in an environment that is both relaxing and invigorating.  In our modern shops, we will pamper you at the same time we are creating the image that you want and need to compete in the NYC business world.  We are your secret weapon to stay on top of your appearance and grooming.

When it comes to haircuts barber shop professionals are the real answer to the way that you look.  Our trained staff is waiting and ready to give you the haircut and shave that you have been searching for.  We are open and ready to work for you.