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For most men, it comes as a real surprise to know just how many different hairstyles there are. It is so easy to get used to just one style, the style that you have had since high school. However, when you ask at the barbershop hairstyles come in a wide variety of styles and flavors.

Perhaps it is time that you took a long look at some alternatives. And who better to ask that one of our professional barbers at the Premium Barbershop. Our team is prepared to offer you some advice on a new look – a new look that could make you look more like a pro.

Every day you get up and look at your face in the mirror. What you see is a direct-on view of your face. No view from the side or from the back. So your view of yourself is not as compete as the view that your professional barber sees. Our barber knows what you look like from all angles. That is why barbershop hairstyles are always a better idea than trying to do it yourself. Who hasn’t seen a comb-over and asked themselves “why would anyone do that?”

Whether you are looking for a mullet, an ivy league cut, a pompadour like Elvis, a razor cut, a buzz cut or just a short back and sides, let one of our trained professionals let you know what the options are and tell you what it will look like on you. Tell them what kind of image you want to present and let them tell you what ideas are good, and what might not be the best image for you.

There are more men’s hair styles than you might imagine, and a trained barber is the best place to start when you are looking for a change. Even if you are only looking to verify that you have the style that best compliments the image you want to present to the world, our barbers are the best place to ask.