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One of the most well kept secrets regarding the barber shop is the shave. People go to the barber shop on a regular basis for haircuts, tapes, trims, and other grooming services, but the barber shop shave is often a forgotten service. Yes, people who go to the barber shop generally know that shaves are given at the barber shop. However, they usually do not understand the type of shaves provided at the barber shop.

Shaves at the barber shop are different than the shaves that people typically perform at home. Most people who shave can generally finish a shave in less than five minutes. A shave at the barber shop is totally different. Time is not a concern. At the barber shop, a shave is finished when it is finished. A shave at the barber shop is a series of steps that all work together to make a barber shop shave uniquely different.

One of the steps in the shaving process at the barber shop is the hot towel treatment. For many people, it is the hot towel treatment that sets the barber shop shave apart from all other shaves. The hot towel treatment is a process whereby the barber places a hot towel on the people’s face receiving shaves. The hot towel is allowed to stay on the people’s face until the towel begins to cool off. Once the towel is cool, it is removed from the people’s face. Depending on the people’s preference, sometimes the hot towel treatment is repeated.

The hot towel treatment is meant as a relaxing method for the people receiving shaves, but it also serves as a method to soften the hair on the face before it is shaved off. The feeling that is provided by the hot towel treatment makes the shaves at the barber shop memorable.

At Premium Barbershop, the barber shop shave is an experience. People interested in taking a shave that goes beyond the norm should go to Premium Barbershop.