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While many men work hard to grow a beard or mustache, sideburns tend to take a back seat related to growth and grooming.  However, sideburns add a different look for men. Sideburns can make a haircut look better and overall make men look better, but the growth of sideburns should not be taken lightly.

There are various looks that men can achieve for sideburns, and the desired look should go well with the unique facial features of the particular men. Everyone has unique facial features, so the growth of sideburns should bring out the best in the men’s unique facial features.

This can only be accomplished by knowing how to grow sideburns. For men who want to grow sideburns, there are a variety of tips that can help men grow sideburns in a manner that will look good. These tips include:

  1. Initially, men should just let their sideburns grow to see how the sideburns will grow naturally without assistance. Once the sideburns start to grow, men should determine how they want certain aspects of their sideburns to look based on the desired goal.
  2. Men should determine the desired sideburn length. The length of sideburns matters because sideburns become a prominent part of the face. The length should be long enough to provide a good look but not too long where the sideburns take away from other facial features. A good length for most men is to the bottom of the little circular notch on the inside of the ear.
  3. Men should determine the thickness of the sideburns. The thickness is important because it sets the stage for how the sideburns will look. The sideburns’ thickness should be carefully maintained because too much thickness is not a good look. Generally, the sideburns should be tight to the face with enough thickness to see the sideburns’ shape.
  4. Men should determine the desired width of the sideburns. The best width for sideburns is the natural growth width. It is okay to grow the sideburns wider than the natural width, but narrower than the natural width does not provide a good look.

Sideburns add a different look for men, and all men have the capability to grow sideburns. The way the sideburns are grown is the main factor in how the sideburns will look, so men should carefully consider the desired look for their sideburns.