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The world has changed dramatically in the past few decades; however, there are some things that remain constant over extended time periods. One of these constants is the barber shop. While many businesses have come and gone, the barber shop remains a tradition that continues to serve men and young boys all over the world.

Although the barber shop continues to operate primarily using the traditions honored from past generations, some barbers today implement various small enhancements to embrace modern technology such as the Internet, smartphones, and ecommerce.  These enhancements are not intended to change the traditions of the traditional barber shop but instead to help continue the traditions by keeping the doors of the barber shop open to a new and completely different generation.

Moreover, for people looking to become a barber, the outlook is very exciting. There will always be men and young boys who will need the services of a good barber, and barber shops are doing great business. There are many routes that people can take to become a barber today, but there are seven easy steps that anyone can take to become a professional barber.

  1. Locate a good barber school to receive the education and training necessary to become a professional barber.
  2. Determine the fees that are required to take the barber exam and pay the required annual barber fees.
  3. Take the barber exam that is required to become a professional barber.
  4. Apply for a barber license.
  5. Locate an establish barber shop where an agreement can be made to start cutting hair in the barber shop to gain valuable experience.
  6. Learn how to attract and gain clients.
  7. Always focus on improving current barber skills.

There are several things that must be accomplished to become a great barber. However, the steps and effort necessary is worth it. Many barbers today are working to develop the new barber shop. In most instances, the new barber shop is only an enhanced version of the traditional barber shop that has served numerous generations of men and young boys, but the new barber shop will help bridge the gap to reach a totally new and different generation.

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