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Haircuts or Hairstyles for men in Manhattan Barbershop

Undercut Hairstyle

The top and bottom are cut to a shorter length. That captures the essence of a traditional undercut, versatile enough to work with various men’s hairstyles (curly, wavy, straight, etc.). You are free to style the hair on top in any way you see appropriate, whether that be smoothing it back, piling it up, or everything in between.


There are two primary categories of men’s undercuts, called disconnected and fading undercuts. The shorter hair on top contrasts starkly with the longer hair on the sides, creating a distinction between the two.


Meanwhile, a fading undercut is characterized by a progressive narrowing as the short sides ascend toward the top. The end effect is an impression of fluidity or homogeneity that is somewhat enhanced.

The pompadour hairstyle

The pompadour has enjoyed widespread popularity in various lengths and styles. The pompadour is a style that is flattering on most people, but it does need a certain amount of thickness in the hair to hold itself after it is made. 


Altering the structure of the hairstyle may be used to flatter a variety of facial forms successfully. If you have a face that is longer than average, you may choose to wear your pompadour with more volume and a softer edge. On the other hand, if you have a round face, To give the impression that your head is more oval overall, you may want to consider having the hair on the sides of your head fall in a straight-down position.


You will need to extend the length of the front portion of your hair. Request that your barber or stylist give you a cut that has a graded top. After that, whenever your hair is cut, the graduation should be adjusted slightly so that you may maintain all of the lengths at the front of your hair while keeping the rear shorter.


After your hair has grown three inches at the front, you can produce height using a hairdryer and the most incredible hair mousse for men that you can get your hands on or sea salt spray. Because of this, you will be able to arrange your hair in a manner that will make you seem to have more height. 


Creating root lift requires pulling the hair up while it is being dried. After your hair is almost dry, use your fingers or a hairbrush to give the ends some movement, enabling the style to be folded back on itself. It is worthwhile to try out several products to identify those that work best with your hair, but you should avoid using too much of each one. 


Before beginning to go through the top, apply your product to the back and sides; remember that you can always add a tiny bit more, but you can’t take any out without washing it first.

Short curly hair

These days, long beards are all the rage, but we’re not entirely confident that they won’t one day be considered a relic of their time (because they’re already outdated in the first place). On the other hand, a well-maintained beard may provide an impression of reliability regardless of the period. To create a look that is accessible but manly in equal measure, combine a beard that has been groomed with a head of hair cut short, thick, and curly.

Caesar Cut

If a particular type of men’s haircut dates back to the time of the Roman emperors, it is reasonable to assume that it will not go out of fashion any time shortly. The Caesar Cut is a hairstyle associated with a sense of power and authority. It is characterized by short and layered hair pulled into a horizontal fringe. Include a fade along the sides of your head when you get this old haircut to bring it into the 21st century.

Messy Waves Hairstyle

The messy waves hairstyle, which might be best characterized as purposely untidy, needs far more upkeep and consideration than is first apparent. Apply a little product to your strands and manipulate them so that the result is a style that is halfway between sculpted and casual. You are very excellent.

Short Dreads

We were not there to see it when short dreads were considered anything other than excellent. This particular men’s hairdo, made famous calls for a significant investment of time and effort. If you are unsure of what you are doing with your hair, it is in your best interest to take it to a barber for styling. While discussing this, I’d like to point out that long dreadlocks also look incredible.

Long Wavy Hair

Don’t let the fact that we made fun of glam metal hairstyles from the 1980s initially discourage you to grow out to their full potential. You should give your hair more length and wave if you’re one of the rare and fortunate guys who can carry off the long and wavy style. It is a men’s haircut synonymous with virility and attracts the attention of all the people who should be looking in your way.

The Military Haircuts

The induction cut or military haircut is the shortest hairstyle possible without completely shaving the head. It is also known as the military haircut. The cut is the standard used to provide new male recruits with their first haircut upon joining various global armed services.

Around the sides of the head, a low-guard clipper is used to trim the hair, while the top of the head is left with around 1 inch of hair length. There is no transition in level or shape from the sides to the top of the head.