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Haircut for men with long hair in Midtown Barbershop

Shag haircut

Long scruffy hair is a highly significant appearance that is both sensual and trendy. It is perfect for thick straight hair, yet it’s one of the long hairstyles for men that requires a little work; it’s well worth paying the additional time to look fantastic. Wear it messed up or well combed.

Long Curly Hair

Curly locks prove that long haircuts for guys may be crowning achievements. This is true for longer-haired men. Long curls have texture and volume, provided you are down for taming the excess frizz, and it’s a laidback style for males. Now, enjoy long hair with confidence.

Long Layered Hair

Layering may thin down thick hair or give volume and structure to fine long hair. This is the perfect long hairstyle for guys with a round or square facial shape with a center part in their hair. 

Long straight hair

When you have conquered the obstacle of how much time it takes to grow long hair, you will realize that not all men’s long hairstyles require much work to achieve the desired look. There is a wide variety of long hairstyles for men available, ranging from the middle part to braids, that are just waiting to be experimented with by you guys with straight hair.

Long hairstyle with side part

How do you know which side to split your hair on? Find the cowlick on the head’s top and back. Suppose hair develops clockwise, partly left. Right-side growth is counterclockwise. Two cowlicks? You’re lucky to decide which form of this men’s long hairstyle matches you best.

Long hair with a middle part

Center part long hairstyles for guys are polished, trendy, and attractive. Using a fine comb on hair that has just been washed, draw a straight line in the middle of the head from front to back, and then separate the hair into sections along that line.This style suits symmetrical males.

Long surfer hair

A surfer style is a no-brainer if you’re lucky enough to be blessed with naturally blonde locks. This low-maintenance long haircut for guys exudes casual coolness without requiring much in the way of effort. Texturize your just-off-the-beach hair with sea salt spray or matte pomade.

Long dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are so much more than a men’s lengthy hairdo. A powerful statement of non-conformity or spirituality can be made through dreadlocks. Visit a hairstylist who specializes in dreadlocks so you can converse with them about which technique will be most successful for your particular kind of hair. Then, use shampoos that don’t leave any residue to maintain that long hair smells clean.

Man bun

When it comes to the many ways that guys with long hair may style their hair, the man bun has been at the forefront of fashion for some time. Not only is it seductive and macho, but it also serves a functional purpose. You may adjust a man bun to your facial shape. See what matches your face shape: messy, smooth, low, or high.

Long hairstyle with a quiff

Because adding a quiff to long hair makes it more likely that the hair will get weighted down, so you will need to dry it using a high heat setting. Investing in a hair product with a firm grip is another must if you want your quiff to have height and volume. Despite that, you should put in the effort to get this just perfect since it is one of the long hairstyles for guys that makes the most of its length.

Braids for men

It is already common knowledge that long hairstyles for guys, particularly braids for men, are trending upward in popularity. Men with long hair can make a bold fashion statement by wearing braids in various styles, ranging from fishtail to French to Viking long cornrows. They are perfect for preventing damage to the hair by keeping it out of the way and away from the face, all while keeping you on-trend.

Long Half-Up hairstyle

It was one of the long hairstyles for men that became popular in the 1990s and has been re-imagined for the guy of the millennial generation. Divide the hair into two halves, gather the top portion of the hair horizontally, bind it with a band, and have the cool man factor ready.

Long Viking hairstyle

Long Viking hairstyles are macho, virile, and bold, and they can help you channel your inner warrior. Long haircuts for boys may be rugged and sensual. Show off your bold look by pulling it into a half or full ponytail, rock your locks with a brave beard, braids, and more.

Men’s ponytail

Long professional hairstyles for guys. A sleek, brushed-back ponytail is fashionable and office-friendly. Avoid elastic hair bands. Choose soft or spiralized ties to avoid breakage and hair loss.

Ponytail with undercut

An undercut is an excellent approach to exhibit your individuality if you are someone who likes to stand out from the crowd and isn’t afraid to be different. To create a striking contrast, have your barber shave your sides and back, then pull back the top part into a sloppy pony.

Bro flow

What are the three actors, Gerard Butler, Bradley Cooper, and Chris Hemsworth, all known for? They rocked a bro flow and are big fans of men’s long hairstyles. Hollywood A-listers have never been easier to join. Office-friendly realistic style: let hair fall naturally and brush backward away from the eyes.

Long hair with bangs

Men’s long haircuts with bangs are flexible. Adding bangs may flatter a prominent forehead or highlight the eyes. Oval-faced males are most charged.

Shoulder length long hair

Shoulder-length hair is adaptable and low-maintenance, whether straight, wavy, or curly. It’s a flattering hairstyle for all face types, whether you leave it natural, part it on the side, wear it up, or get bangs.

Long tight curls

A few long hairstyles for men command attention, such as tight curls resembling corkscrews. First and foremost, if you want to avoid knots and frizz in your circles, you will need to devote some time to proper style and maintenance. So take pleasure in your lion king looks, choose an appropriate shampoo and conditioner, and make frequent trips to your barber.