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There are two good reasons why you should try out a barber shop shave.

First, it is the best shave you will ever get. Our trained professional staff at Premium Barbershop will give you the most precise and exacting shave you will ever get. Whether you already have a beard and are looking for a trim, or you need a complete shave, our team will give you the look that will set you apart. Our staff will make certain that your sideburns are trimmed to the precise length that willcreate your best appearance. No trying to accomplish that with a mirror by yourself.

Second, it is a relaxing and indulgent experience. There is nothing quite like getting a shave while you sit in our chair. Lean back and let the barbers pamper you with warm towels and products that make your skin feel top notch. Getting a barber shop shave is an experience that will leave you relaxed and ready to attack the day. With warm lather and equally warm towels, you will find that a professional shave is the height of luxury for a man. Let our team make you haircut and shave a special retreat from the busy day to day world.

The first step is the warm towels on your face. It sets up your skin and beard for the shave, but it is also one of the most relaxing experiences any man can ever have. While you are lying back in the chair all of the pressures of the outside world melt away.

A barber shop shave is especially great for a special event. Are you in a bridal party, going to a school reunion or just going on a very special date? A barber shop shave can make the event even more special. You and the guys can get together at the premium Barbershop and take advantage of the services that we offer. As you get ready to take on the world, you will all look really great for that special event. A shave is a special event that will not only make you look great with an appearance that lets you stand out, it will also pamper you and get you ready for those special times in your life.