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Are you tired of leaving your barber shop and not being happy with the haircut or the experience? Do you need to consider a new barber shop? Then we have a treat for you. Come on into the Premium Barbershop in mid-town Manhattan for the service that you are looking for and a haircut that will give you the image and appearance that you need.

What goes into a world class new barber shop experience? Here is what we offer:

  • A quality, fashionable haircut
  • An old fashioned shave
  • Convenient locations
  • Hours that fit your schedule
  • A relaxing environment

The haircut itself

When we create the absolutely best image for you, we look at you, your features and the way that you want to portray yourself. We take the time to ask questions at every step in the process. Our team is trained to be responsive to your every thought about the haircut, but we also suggest those items that will make you stand out from the crowd. After our staff has finished, you will be amazed at just how you look and the image that you will portray.
Do you need a shave?

When getting a haircut, it is often a relaxing and enjoyable adjunct to get an old school shave. With warm towels and comforting lather you will find that a shave is a luxury that is very affordable and only make your experience with us that much more enjoyable.

Locations and Hours

Our entire approach is to make a haircut and shave easy for you. To make that true, we have three location in mid-town Manhattan that are close to where New Yorkers live and work.

Not only are we easy to get to, we are also open when you need us to be. We open seven days a week at 8:30 in the morning and don’t close until 7:30 in the evening. You don’t have to arrange you busy schedule to meet our schedule – just drop on by when you are free and enjoy the services that we offer.

A relaxing environment

We pride ourselves in providing a modern, contemporary shop that is there just for you to relax and enjoy. Getting a haircut should be a short time away from the daily hustle and bustle.

If you need a new barber shop, we are here, ready to meet the standards you have set for yourself.