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Classic Men’s Hairstyle in Manhattan Barbershop


One definition of a classic men’s cut is not only fashionable but also endures through time and looks well on the man who wears it. How one wears, their hair may send a strong message and alter their appearance. There may be hair trends that are popular for a short period, but there is no trend that can compete with the durability of a classic hairdo.

French Crop

The French Crop is a well-known and popular traditional cocktail despite its lack of complexity. There is not a lot of hair to draw attention away from your face, this haircut has been successful for many generations because it is pretty simple. 


The sides of a French crop are chopped shorter, while the top layer of hair is cropped similarly. This well-balanced haircut is relatively flexible and easy to style in various ways since there is no difference between the hair on top of the head and the hair on the sides and back of the head. 


When attempting the French Crop, consider your hair’s texture. Please make an appointment with the barber and ask him to cut the ends of your hair. More strategically so that there is more depth if your hair is fuller and thicker. The French Crop is a hairstyle that works well for several facial shapes.


Therefore, if you have a square or rectangular facial shape, you should have a haircut that is shorter than this one since it will help break up the length of your face. Faces with an oval or diamond shape may pull off the shorter proportions of the French Crop just as effectively as those with a rounder or squarer facial shape.

Slick Back

The hairstyle of pulling it back into a sleek ponytail or bun is modern and makes a statement, but it is also undeniably timeless. It does work better after the hair has grown out, but you can get the same effect just as quickly with an undercut. 


It is usually simpler to perfect a slick back style when your hair is okay; make sure that you have adequate volume to handle glossier products that may be worked in. A thick coat makes it more challenging to work with and style into a slick-back style. 


The smooth back hairstyle is excellent for men with the ever-versatile oval face shape and men with longer, rectangular features since it emphasizes the length of the face.

Side Part

The side part may be the most flexible and famous classic hairstyle. Whether you connect with the side parts of the 1920s, the 1940s, the 1960s, or the modern variants, the side part has been around for a long time. 


Adaptations that are ultra-refined or texturized are fantastic, and these variations emphasize the brilliance of this hairstyle, which is that it may seem as old or as young as you want it to look at any given time. How you approach, your cut is of the utmost importance. Work with noticeably taller proportions on top and noticeably shorter on the sides for a more contemporary take on the concept. 


For people who have hair that is of a shorter length and are seeking a style that is a bit more structured, a side part is a fantastic alternative. Glossy finishes are great for giving a wink to the past, and matte finishes are a perfect way to bring the traditional quality of the haircut into the modern day. The side half is a fantastic concept, and it works well with any face shape, including rectangle, diamond, square, and round.

Buzz Cut

A Buzz Cut is an even more understated haircut than the French Crop, and it has been fashionable for decades since it draws all eyes to the wearer’s face rather than their hair. Most men can quickly recognize a buzz cut, and conventional wisdom teaches us that it must have a concise length. 


This haircut, traditionally performed as part of the customary initiation ceremony for new army recruits, was also known as the “Induction Cut.” In today’s world, however, those who want to “go all the way” and shave their heads need to consider the contours of their facial features before doing so. 


Buzz cuts are often more noticeable in males with a square or oval facial shape. This is because the measurements of these face bodies may accommodate little to no length in the hair.

The shoulder-length cut

This timeless and elegant look has been a mainstay in the fashion industry for many years, most likely because it can be adapted to various contexts because of its adaptability. You may get a beach-ready textured style by leaving your hair longer and having your barber or stylist add some layers. 


This makes it possible for you to switch between the two appearances quickly and easily. Growing your hair out is probably the most challenging aspect of getting this look. Before making rash decisions, try setting a goal length for your hair and deciding whether or not you want to keep it once it has grown to that length. There will always be a day when you can’t stand it and want to cut it all off, but before making rash decisions, try setting a goal length for your hair.


When you go to have your hair cut, take the time to discuss it with your stylist and express any restrictions you have. When you need to seem well-informed and put-together for business, it is counterproductive to have a jagged, chaotic, and layered look.


The success of this style, like that of most cuts, is contingent on the hair’s natural texture. Extremely straight hair won’t remain in place as quickly as hair that has a slight wave, and extremely curly hair won’t be able to be smoothed out as soon as hair that has a subtle wave either.


Reduce hair products you use since the look is at its most flattering and practical when it is unfussy and unprocessed. You could use a salt spray to add softness for a messier look or apply some texturizer to highly curly hair to soften it and make it more manageable. Both of these options are available to you.