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If you are a new resident to New York City, or are a Manhattan man who isn’t completely happy with your present barber, how do you select a new one? What are the key things that will help you find a barber that really satisfies your requirements?

When looking for a barbershop New York men turn to the Premium Barbershop. Here are the key reasons and the things you should look for.

A trained professional staff

Nothing is more important than a professional staff that really knows the business. Your haircut creates much of your image in the world, and your barber creates your hairstyle.

Does the team know and understand what makes a haircut great? Do they have an idea of what looks best for you? We at the Premium Barbershop can create an image for you that will make you look the role that you want to fill. Whether you are an artist or an exec, you need to look the part. We are the barbershop NYC men have come to rely on to create their best groomed image.

Services that meet your needs

A haircut, of course, where the team knows and understands the variety of cuts that are good potential styles for you. Besides a quality haircut, a professional shave can be the extra service that will make your day. Make certain that your barbershop has all of the grooming services that you expect to need.

The shop must be convenient for you

Does the shop have hours that fit your schedule? The Premium Barbershop is open early every morning and is open into the evening – seven days a week.

Is the shop located in convenient locations? The Premium Barbershop is located in four very convenient places on the eastside of Manhattan.

It is the barbershop New York men frequent because it is easy to find and easy to schedule.

It should be a man cave

A barbershop should be a retreat where you can escape from the world, if only for a short time. You should walk out of the shop feeling and looking like a million bucks.

If you live or work in Manhattan, we invite you to check out the Premium Barbershop.