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Beards in the Winter – the Man, the Myth, and the Legend

How to Transition from a Full Beard to a Clean-Shaven Look

Facial hair – a prominent feature of personal style and an expression of identity. With a lot of information and opinions popping up (much like that determined stray hair), it can be hard to discern fact from fiction with beard styles. Throw in a little bit of cold weather, and the rules of the beard game can change completely. Let’s clip, snip, and trim facial hair folklore from the winter-bearded truths.

Growing a Beard to Keep You Warm – Cozy or Cut?

‘Tis the season that a lot of razors go into hibernation. Facefuls of winter fur emerge in an attempt to battle the cold temperatures. But what does science say? Do some beards really keep you cozy and snug in the winter, or are they more trouble than they’re worth?

Our ancestors were intimately acquainted with using their hair as a shield from the weather. Dermatologists say that beards aid in thermoregulation and provide an extra level of protection; not only against the temperature, but also sun rays and allergens. Yet, many a beard-wearer will also confirm their dry, itchy victimhood – a dandruff cross that most bear.

As beard styles come and go, one thing remains undisputed – facial hair maintenance. Beards give and take, but once cared for, they are the envy of facial hair everywhere. Ron Swanson famously said: ”The three most important people in a man’s life are his barber, his butcher, and his lover.”

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Myth or true: it’s fuzzy (like new growth), but it’s true!

Do Beards Grow Faster in the Winter?

A solid beard does not grow overnight, with most prepping their winter fur coat as early as July. This is also because your beard grows slower during the winter months and, like all hair, has a growth cycle.

Temperature, humidity, and testosterone fluctuations can often be unkind to your facial hair follicles, affecting overall hair growth. But there are many ways to treat your beard like the commodity it is, like beard trimming, moisturizing, light exfoliation, and a good diet. So, what are the bearded secrets?

Myth or true: a furry winter fantasy

How to Stimulate Beard Growth

Whether you’re a seasoned beard veteran or just starting to embrace your facial hair, a daily beard routine pays off in spades.

It is essential to moisturize your beard no matter the season. And, a little hydration in the winter will go a long way. Your beard can feel coarser in the winter due to the dry air, which strips away natural oils from your hair and skin. Did you know that beard oils retain a lot of moisture, keeping your face coat soft and snug for longer?

Brushing or combing your beard also has many benefits. It not only keeps things neat, but it’s hygienic, allowing natural hair oil to be distributed and stimulating healthy beard growth. Beard styles for men come with added care and experience here at Premium Barbershop, a place to let your hair down and get the best trim and luxe treatment in NYC.

Bonus tip: many fervently advise against steaming hot showers, which also strip oils and moisture – public beard enemy no. 1.

The Verdict: To Beardify or Bare it All?

So, what’s the verdict – to grow or not to grow a beard? As far as its reputation as a winter warmer is concerned, it certainly holds merit. However, one does not grow a beard in the winter, but for the winter. And beard care (or lack thereof) is where even the best Vandyke-like furry cloaks can stumble upon an untimely demise.

The Best a Beard Can Be at Premium Barbershop

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