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Barbershop in Midtown: Best shaved style haircuts for men

Long Slick Back Shaved

When it comes to haircuts for guys who shave their heads, the slick back is one of the most popular options. Over the previous several years, it has reigned supreme among men’s hairstyles. It would seem that every single guy on the face of the earth, including every single Hollywood celebrity, has at one point or another worn this hairdo.

Close-shaven beard haircuts

You should seriously consider growing a beard in addition to shaving your head if you want your new hairdo to seem finished. The fade does not connect to the sides of the beard, which creates a gap between the two halves of the beard that contributes to its incredibly stunning appearance.

Gray Shaved Hairstyles for Men

This hair color and how it is fashioned immediately captivated our attention and won our hearts. It is a light gunmetal gray that has been matted and brushed up into a pompadour. The haircut is highly architectural and angular and has been teased and brushed into the pompadour.

Men like Merman shaved cuts

You may already be aware of the merman hair craze, in which males change their hair color and, in some cases, their beards to create a startlingly unique appearance. Everything must be combined with haircuts for guys that include shaving their heads.

Men have jazz-shaved haircuts

The age of jazz in the United States. Utilize a large comb to get the great comb-over that gives the impression that you should be featured on the cover of a magazine.

Experienced men’s shaved haircuts

It’s incredible how many different styles one haircut can accommodate. It is effective for individuals of varying ages, from little schoolboys who look very lovely when they wear it to elderly white-haired men who are pretty knowledgeable about style, elegance, and design.

Shaved Men’s Platinum Wave Haircuts

This concept for a shaved hairdo is nothing short of incredible. While the undercut and fade allow your natural color to show through at the bottom of your cut, you will have a head full of golden curls at the top. The back of the head is shaped like a double V, another hairstyle feature.

The writings of Daniel Day-Lewis

Men’s shaved haircuts may also imply completely shaving off all of their hair. Consider the famous actor Daniel Day-Lewis as an example. The fact that he has a thinning hairline and just shaved his head does not, in the least, take away from his allure as a charming individual.

Men’s architectural shaved haircuts

This sculptural hairdo is perfect in every way, and we cannot get enough of it. The astounding thing about it is that the more you look at it, the more nuances and perspectives you learn about it. That denotes that a bona fide hair artist did it.

Razored Pomp

One of the most fashionable choices you may make is to have pompadour hairstyles. This hairstyle may work wonders for your look if you have the correct face shape. It is possible to get contemporary pomp with shaved sides by leaving a thicker head of hair on top and just shaving the sides to do this, thinning out the side hairs so that they are as near to the scalp as feasible. 

Maintain a vast top region and a broad hairline on the forehead at all times. For another style, keep the hair on top of your head cut to a medium length and use hair mousse or a reputable hair gel. Make a horizontal pompadour over your forehead with a comb. Allow the remaining hair on top to hang in a backward position.

Slickly side-parted

This adaptable design looks well with a wide variety of different garments. Depending on how you dress, it might give you the appearance of either a strong person who is harsh or a clever geek. First, take scissors to the hair on the sides of your head so that the hair on top may stand out more. 

Grooming the margins of your hair may help prevent split ends, but you shouldn’t cut the length of your hair. Spread hair gel evenly over your whole head, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with your hair. Make your hair flat in the back by combing it with a straight comb in a smoothing motion. 

This hairstyle draws attention to your hairline, which is particularly useful if you have a prominent forehead or hair that forms a widow’s peak. If you have a beard, you should cut it into a stubble that complements your hairstyle.

Versatile Men’s Haircut

If you are looking for a hairstyle appropriate for going out to parties but manages to exude sophistication, then you should give this one a go. It would help if you let your hair grow to a considerable length while adhering to specific guidelines. If necessary, seek the assistance of a trained specialist. 

Reduce the amount of volume on the sides of your hair. Maintain it at a modest level, but not up to the scalp. Keeping the temples and the sides crisp and clean is essential, given that we are going for a sophisticated image. Check if the hair on the back is the same length as on the sides. Do not cut your hair anywhere on the top of your head other than the edges. 

Apply a vibrant blonde dye to your hair, then wait for it to dry thoroughly. After the color has had time to dry, begin properly styling your hair with a reputable styling product. To get this look, comb your hair to the back of your head and let it lie there.

Shaved sides, and lengthy disconnect set the tone

This trend provides a stunning experimental appearance, even though it may give the impression of being too edgy for a more sophisticated outfit. Create a part in the top hair, choosing whichever side you like most. You should give yourself a standard undercut on the side and let it reach the rear of your head. 

Apply hair mousse or gel of the highest possible quality, and then wait for it to dry. Make use of a comb and move smoothly from one side of your head to the other as you style your hair. For a more creative effect, you may style your fringe such that some of it falls over your forehead. You are free to sport a beard in any manner that strikes your fancy if you so want.