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If you have already visited Premium Barbershop or have been any other city barber shop you probably noticed a Barber’s pole hanging outside of the barbershop. This sign is well known, however only a few people know that Barber’s pole isn’t only a cute fancy scenery but a real historical artifact with a long history and a law controlled terms of use.

Use of barber poles are deeply rooted in tradition. Barber’s pole is well known since Middle Ages. Basically it comes from the pole or staff wrapped with a helix of bloody bandages. Yes, it’s right, back ago in the medieval times barbers has to deal with a surgery, tooth extraction and other form of body care. Of cause modern barbershops has nothing to do with the blood and honestly it will be surprise to find a barber interested in your teeth nowadays, but for a long period of time barbershops was the only one place to study and practice surgery.

Barber poles can look slightly different, the most common form in the US is the three-colored (white, blue and red, just like our glorious flag) pole, spinning (driven by an electric motor) or still, mounted on the wall. Pole however can be just a print on the barbershop window or on the plate. Using a poles as the door handle is known too. A color can vary. While red and white pole is believed to be more widespread in Europe and red, white, and blue is believed to be more widespread in the United States, a poles with an additional blue stripes can be found in the other countries too. Someone thinks it’s because the blue stripe has nothing to do with the United States at all and represent a venous blood, others connects this with the cultural influence produced by the United States (especially a cinematographic one) or reference to the decorations makers, who attend to copy a well-known signs.

Of cause you will see a real barber’s pole if you will visit Premium Barbershop as the bonus to our premium quality service.