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There are many options available for people today regarding where to go to get a haircut. In addition, some people routinely cut their own hair. With the various options available for people today, the traditional barber shop faces a lot of stiff competition in the haircut service business. For many years, the traditional barber shop was basically the only place where most people could go for a haircut.

Moreover, since most clients were men and young boys, the barber shop was a place that became a popular hangout for men and young boys to go not only for a great haircut but to socialize and discuss various issues. Often, many clients would come to the barber shop in the morning and literally stay all day just because they were having a good time. This was very beneficial for barbers because it allowed them to develop not only a professional relationship with their clients but also a personal relationship.

However, times change, and many people today are looking at other options for haircuts. As a result, many barbers are finding ways to compete against the new competition that they must face for clients. One way that many barbers are trying to compete against the competition is by developing the new barber shop. The new barber shop still holds to the traditions of the barber shop that has served generations of men and young boys, but the new barber shop provides features and services that most traditional barber shops do not provide.

Features and services such as multiple flat screen TVs for clients viewing pleasure, Wi-Fi for clients who want to use their smartphones, laptops, or tablets, and various options for eating and drinking preferences while waiting for a haircut.

While barbers provide new features and services such as these to accommodate their clients, most barbers only use these as extra incentives for their clients to come to the new barber shop. The primary focus of most barbers is still the haircut, which is the reason men and young boys mainly come to the barber shop. A barber shop haircut should be different than any other haircut because it was done at the barber shop. This difference should be noticeable to everyone that views a fresh haircut, and barbers must remember that this difference is very important to current and future barber shop clients.

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