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high quality haircut is an absolute requirement for every man to look his best. It is what gives you the grooming edge that sets you apart from the ordinary guy. Think about it, when you walk into the office, step into the board room, or show up at a Manhattan restaurant for a dinner out, what is it that makes others look your way? What is it that sets you apart from the crowd?

Your appearance! And your appearance is one of the primary reasons why you need one of our professional barber haircuts – a sophisticated look that comes when you get your haircut by the professional staff at the Premium Barbershop in mid-town. Now with four easy to reach locations and with hours that mean your schedule is more important than anything else,

trained and professional staff is the reason why our barbershop is your best choice for your personal grooming. Our staff is a team that is dedicated to making you look your best. They will give you one of our barber haircuts that will make you into the very image of a successful Manhattan man.

It is the image of a confident player in the most important city in the world. Let us make that your standard, your image and your standing in the exciting world of Manhattan life.